Rabalon emerged from a realization that small businesses face significant hurdles in the digital technology space. Our approach is two-pronged: we provide technology consulting services to recommend and implement existing solutions. We also provide in-house technology development when the solutions we seek do not exist. Ultimately, our focus is connected technology ecosystems. We work with every client to define their goals and objectives. This includes an evaluation of their current processes and challenges with a focus on existing technology and data collection. We look at this analysis in the context of the client’s market opportunities to define a strategy before executing. Our deliverables vary by client.  In some cases, we might deliver a comprehensive technology recommendation. More often, we manage the implementation and long-term management of new systems. With every client, we provide extensive training and documentation to ensure teams feel comfortable with new technologies and processes.

Beyond implementing technologies that help clients operate more efficiently, we focus on capturing more customers for our clients and enhancing their experience. Our services include, but are not limited to: email marketing strategy, loyalty programs, IT services, customer support platforms, and data collection for targeted marketing. Rabalon helps clients with their marketing strategy by identifying the right channels, audience, and content to achieve growth goals.