Government organizations want to use data to create valuable insights about their services, costs, and citizens. Many agencies have access to huge volumes of data—on premises and in the cloud. Yet the data tends to be siloed, poorly integrated, and lacking in governance. Governments are also increasingly collecting data from new sources, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and cameras.

Agencies at all levels of government face an increasingly complex mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructures, legacy systems, mobile applications, and edge devices. This wide disparity of data sources and technologies makes it difficult to keep pace with today’s mission requirements, respond flexibly to crises, or provide high levels of citizen service.

Rabalon offers agencies a comprehensive, versatile data platform that powers modern applications, analytics, and trusted artificial intelligence (AI) outcomes while adding intelligent automation and governance. With this modular platform, you can aggregate, clean, catalog, govern, and master your data at scale, creating a reliable resource to support analytics efforts. It connects data from any location—including on-premises, cloud, and big data—and uses the power of the embedded engine’s AI and machine learning technologies to automate previously manual tasks and help agencies obtain real- time insights to improve decision-making.