About Us

We work with every client to define their goals and objectives. This includes an evaluation of their current processes and challenges with a focus on existing technology and data collection. We look at this analysis in the context of the client’s market opportunities to define a strategy before executing. Our deliverables vary by client.  In some cases, we might deliver a comprehensive technology recommendation. 



We provide IT solutions for retail, such as inventory, stock, warehouse, logistics & order management systems, e-commerce.


Rabalon offers IT solutions for the hospitality, such as cloud hotel & on-premise hotel software, restaurant POS & management, inventory management.


We render IT financial solutions. Mobile & blockchain apps, accounting software, insurance management, payment gateway & API to secure data at cloud.


We help construction & engineering companies leverage the power of technology to reduce operational cost & complexity and effectively address project risks.


IoT Solutions

Prepare your business for the future. Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) to save money, create new revenue streams, and stay competitive. Connect your assets with IoT to gain real-time insights—improve your decision making, drive efficiency, empower your employees, and create better customer experiences.


The more you put your data to work, the better the outcome, and the more opportunities you’ll uncover for success.  Don’t just see your data — maximize its value. Unlock insights from deep within your data to energize your applications, protect your enterprise data by achieving unified governance, and manage your data so that you can store, manage, and analyze it wherever and whenever you need it. Whatever your starting point, our experts provide the methods, tools, and experience to guide you.


At Rabalon, we are assisting our exalted clients with AI solutions which help them in rendering bespoke solutions and forecast businesses needs faster than their competitors. Through the features like predictive analysis & data engineering, we are helping enterprises in accelerating business growth by easily anticipating their targeted audience needs.

With automated Machine Learning (ML), you empower business analysts and software engineers to build predictive models and embed AI into applications – all while making existing data science personnel more productive and satisfied. AI is a broad technology that includes maturity assessment, CoE setup, use case discovery, creating a business case and facilitating change management and at Rabalon we are confident to help our clients through intelligent automation consulting and solutions. 

Security Solutions

The new rules arm you with enterprise security solutions that help you meet any objective. Now you can stop threats, prove compliance, and grow your business.



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