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Detecting key cyber-security weaknesses & improve business processes

Improving accountability & vidsbility for operational excellence

Improving accountability & vidsbility for operational excellence


What our Clients Say?

Projects we worked on were delivered on time. The quality of the delivered goods or equipment was suitable for the project.

Gurban Mammadov Head of Procurement

With the help of the Rabalon company's professional staff, we have achieved our goal on time and at a high level.

Dadash Jafarov Head of IT

With the help of dedicated cyber security solutions provided, we can easily manage the security of our data.

Bahruz Sultanov Head of IT

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Detecting key cyber-security weaknesses & improve business processes


For the correct allocation of resources, the Ferrium Capital company needed to detect cybersecurity weaknesses, as well as to fully analyze the structure of the internal and external security of the network.

What we did?

We conducted a deep audit of three major blocks: Wired and wireless data network, Unified communications, Information Security.

Improving Accountability with tracking & monitoring systems.


Xalq bank needs business process automation tool to clear accountability, customizable notifications, valuable insights, and faster turnaround times make it easier to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on enhancing tasks.


In Xalq bank our team has integrated new software program that made it possible to track and monitor processes while they are running, which can improve accountability and visibility. New software helps Xalq baknk focusing on process and operational excellence helps them exceed customer expectations with ease.

Implementation of Access Control System to Improve security at the facilities.


The company  needed to implement security features in their facilities that are more high tech and secure then simple key locks. They needed implementation of integrated access control systems in high security locations involving software or browser based door security, real-time digital video surveillance and many other features


In the Aral group our team has integrated a new access control system, adapted for their security needs. Software of our partner has quite flexible, user friendly interface, and the highest level of functionality at the same time. Hardware we used for access control system is reliable and proven by many worldwide corporations and companies