Custom Public

Software Development

We develop public sector IT solutions and software that integrate web services, mobile channels, and applications on a single platform.

Faster & Efficient

Enhancing Public Sector services through automation, decreasing bureaucratic issues, and enhancing governments’ reputation, while streamlining manual processes to increase effort and efficiency.

Assuring Compliance

Rabalon has been serving Public Sector for years providing innovative solutions that help with transaprency & compliance with regulations.

Extensive Knowledge

We rely on our in-depth expertise in creating innovative, fully integrated systems that include frontend and backend solutions for all Public Sector needs. At Rabalon we use top-notch Agile and customized solutions to serve public sectors.

Custom Public Sector Solutions

Using Performance Management software you’ll be able to track the performance of your employees, tracks goals and KPIs, and manage the progress of different projects. This software allows you to quickly analyze progress and allocate resources for different projects.

Our Communication software allows you to transmit a large amount of information and updates securely and efficiently. Employment portals that help mass recruitments for government sectors.

Ask questions and provide suggestions that are then evaluated and used for planning future projects. This software will help you develop a bond with the public and serve them better.

Customized complete tools that enable greater efficiency, transparency, and control in financial processes including financial projections, budgeting & transactions.

Technology Stack

Our Expertise

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