Connecting the physical and digital worlds to develop an intelligent ecosystem that adds value to your business.

Driving innovation across industries looking for growth opportunities and operational efficiencies

At Rabalon, we drive value-centered IoT solutions and set up multi-level data pipelines for that: from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

We work with you to understand your business needs and create custom IoT solutions for your business. You can also remotely hire our expert development team to buiild entirely new IoT-supported infrastructures.

Our IoT Solutions

IoT solutions are not only about connected devices, it is the adequate management of those devices while taking care of the sensors, network, and platforms. We at Rabalon cater to enterprises’ needs through customized IoT ecosystems. From heavy industries to smart cities and from oil and gas to power and utilities our IoT engineers can provide tailor-made solutions and services to our decorous clients.

Offering smar Retail solutions is the best suited for shopping malls, supermarkets, and other retail settings. Using sensors, beacons, and our cloud-based platforms, the solution helps retailers personalize the in-store experience by allowing them to send personalized offers straight to a customer’s mobile device when they are nearby or in the store.

Rabalon has developed a range of Connecting Building solutions that improve the quality of citizens’ lifestyles and accelerate economic growth. Our comprehensive suite of Connecting Building solutions ranges from smart building and smart parking management to smart energy management, smart lighting, smart traffic management, and smart farming. The solutions help public-and private-sector planners to promote efficient use of resources and sustainability, drive citizen engagement, and address an array of community challenges.

With a comprehensive range of hardware and software products, Rabalon’s digital signage solution is designed to integrate to create a digital signage package tailored to suit your specific project requirements whether a single screen, video wall, menu board, or multiscreen site, or a global rollout. Rabalon manufactures dedicated Digital Signage solutions that are ideal for both internal and customer-facing communications.

Our Tech Partners

At Rabalon we ensure that we follow the best practices in the industry. Our partnership extends to e-commerce, ads, cloud services & a lot more. We have access to exlusive resources, programs, tools, and connections that help us offer best tech solutions to our clients.

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