Security Solutions

Network Security has to evolve with the changing data security threats of today. Rabalon’s Security Solutions with the latest technologies to keep your organization safe from malicious activity. More than ever before, network security must become application aware in order to mitigate application threats.

Employees access data and applications from billions of devices with different capabilities, applications, and operating systems. Endpoint Security is the critical last line of defense in preventing cyber attacks from compromising those devices and in protecting your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. That’s why you need the best possible protection everywhere your data lives. That’s why you need Rabalon.

Protect your business from an increasing number of physical security threats. We offer a complete set of solutions: from video surveillance to real-time access control auditing Rabalon Physical Security Solutions can help make your business more secure.
Rabalon’s experienced staff will guide you to balance security controls designed for your specific needs taking into account the costs of developing, testing, implementing, using, managing, monitoring and maintaining the controls. We take into account broader issues such as health and safety, aesthetics, human rights and societal norms or conventions.

There are millions of threats targeting companies in possession of sensitive data. This information can be stolen and sold online or held at the company’s expense for ransom.  In the same way an organization takes care of its employees, customers, and finances, it also needs to ensure its sensitive data is well protected. Data security is mandated by regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR and to ensure compliance, organizations have a duty to safeguard data privacy by preventing unauthorized access.