Business Intelligence

Rabalon can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals with business intelligence (BI) services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting and much more.

The right business intelligence analytics solution empowers businesses to make smart and quick decisions. Rabalon helps client’s data analysts and data scientists to use data and related resources in real time. This allows them to visualize and update transactional data sets, apply prescriptive and predictive analytics, and report both historical and current information. Our professional can either integrate third-party analytic business intelligence services into your enterprise’s system or build a custom BI solution that will exclusively cater to specific business needs and process critical data in real time.

With embedded BI modules, all the critical data is accessible and available within one enterprise BI service, due to consolidated analytics tools and reporting features. We work with platform-based business intelligence solutions to deliver actionable insights from big data. Rabalon’s experts modify modules and plugins developed by third-party vendors and integrate them into the enterprise’s BI solutions for infrastructure management.