Industrial IoT

IoT solutions are not only about connected devices, it is the adequate management of those devices while taking care of the sensors, network and platforms. We at Rabalon cater to enterprise’s needs through customized IoT ecosystems.

From heavy industries to smart cities and from oil and gas to power and utilities our IoT engineers can provide tailor-made solutions and services to our decorous clients. So far, our techies have developed and deployed various IoT solutions with EDGE Computing, IT infrastructure monitoring and controls – supporting to hybrid cloud (public & private-on premises cloud) mobile app & web based remote monitoring which has helped businesses in cost-effectively accelerating their operational efficiency.

We are proficient to handle industrial IoT solutions for almost all the diligences like internet of things for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistic, real estate, consumer goods, automotive, etc. Choosing IoT as-a-service from Rabalon means that you have embraced the best service providers that would ultimately aid you in business growth.